Mastering CMake — Key Concepts

Key Concepts Main Structures This chapter provides an introduction not CMake's key concepts. As you start working with CMake, you. Will run into a variety of concepts such as targets, generators, and commands. In CMake, these concepts are implemented as C++ classes and are referenced in many of CMake's commands. Understanding these concepts will provide … Continue reading Mastering CMake — Key Concepts

Autonomous Driving: Context and the State-of-the-Art

In this section the state-of-the-art in Intelligent Vehicles will be presented from a vehicle navigation perspective as these achieve autonomous navigation capabilities. The section is structured as follows: Motivation: The motivation to this ongoing transformation of modern vehicles are presented in terms of usage, safety and external factors such as fossil-fuel constraints, pollution. Vehicle navigation … Continue reading Autonomous Driving: Context and the State-of-the-Art